Asantugrul/Bertuna House


Location: Wellfleet, MA
Program: Residential – New Construction
Size: 3,950 sf
Date of Completion: 1990 & 2007

This is my home, built for our young family when we moved to the Cape from New York City. The original house was designed to incorporate extreme cost saving strategies to fit our very tight budget. An addition was added years later.

The land faces Blackfish Creek at top of a hill at rear of the property to the north. The more favorable direction for sun orientation is on the opposite side along the street. In order to take advantage of both features and to keep costs to a minimum, the house is designed as a simple cube. The interior stair is located on the south-east corner of the house to act as an element that brings in natural light to the center of the living space through a long corner window. Double sliding glass doors facing north in the living-dining room opens up to views of the water and windows on the east and west elevations of the building allow the space to be filled with light throughout the day as the sun transverses in the sky. Three bedrooms are located on the second floor organized along a central hallway.

The house is based on a symbolic conception rather than upon one that is a pure replica of traditional New England homes. It is centered on the idea of the chimney, the hearth, from which the spaces on the first floor are pulled. The main entrance is also located at center of the building although the front façade incorporates a balanced asymmetry.

The design is compact; geometry is simple with just four corners; the house is situated on even grade; structure is conventional; finish details are kept to a minimum; and spaces within are organized well without any waste to reduce size of the house while still maintaining spacious rooms.

Cost of construction was on budget.

A sun room, garage and studio were added more recently along with second floor decks and a screened porch. The simple geometry of the cube allowed expansion on three sides to create a home that takes full advantage of the site.