The Building Company & The Real Estate Company

Commercial & Residential Complex


Location: Brewster, MA
Program: Commercial & Residential – New Construction
Size: 4,800 sf
Date of Completion: 2002

The client with whom we worked in close collaboration with on several projects asked that we develop a masterplan for two lots as a commercial and residential complex. Each lot was designed to have a commercial building and a multi-family residential building with parking at center. The commercial buildings were located closest to the road. The residential buildings were located at rear of the lots as rental units to address shortage of housing on the Cape.

We then designed one of the commercial buildings as offices for the two companies that the client’s owned. The ground floor is occupied by The Real Estate Company. The entrance and conference rooms are at the center of the building with one wing designated for the rental office and the other for the sales office. The Building Company is located on the second floor.